Tiger Den Leader

David Dulin
Cell: 336-404-2340

Tiger Den Leader

Nathan Triplett
Cell: 336-906-6863

In the Tiger Cub program, an Adult Partner (a parent, grandparent, or other guardian) always accompanies each boy. They will be partners throughout the year. The first few Tiger Cub meetings are organized and run by the Tiger Cub Den Leader in order to introduce the Tigers and Adult Partners to Scouting. 

 The Tiger Den:

  • Meets at least twice per month in a den meeting, and has one outing a month, called a Go See It. The den also takes part in the monthly Pack Nights.

  • Meetings are based on ideas taken from the Tiger Cub Handbook.

  • Works on the Bobcat Badge and then the Tiger Badge as they progress along the Tiger Track.

  • Upon finishing the Tiger requirements, and completion of 1st grade, Tigers will move up to the Wolf Den when they start 2nd Grade.